Custom business intelligence and management system
that automates and streamlines the processes of IT companies

What You Get

Crossplatform Access

IBISS works on all operating systems and devices. It delivers data regarding your company in real time to enable you to make informed business decisions as quickly as possible wherever you are.

Data analytics

It's not enough to see only the current picture of your business. The data analytics system of IBISS illustrates which processes are in need of a change and what directions should be pursued further.

Routine Elimination

Everything that can possibly be automated should be automated. IBISS can help you with that. It measurably saves your company time, resources and money. There are better uses for them rather than mundane tasks.

Our Solution for Your Business!

IBISS was created specifically for the needs of growing IT companies by a growing IT company. By automating and optimizing operations it helps you spend less time on routine tasks and focus on growth. It’s already enabling us to do our job better, so we are certain it can help you as well.


Business Intelligence

Comprehensive analytics with detailed data visualization that allows you to make informed strategic and tactical business decisions.

Task Management

Efficient organization is a prerequisite of success. With IBISS you’ll always keep sight of the priorities and see your projects to completion.

CRM system

Maintaining communication and boosting your customer retention made easy with extensive CRM functionality.

Project Management

Managing an IT team is no longer like herding cats. IBISS allows you to plan out, organize, and allocate resources for any of your projects.

Employees Management

Engage and get an insight into the productivity of your staff provided by a user-friendly employee monitoring feature.

Integration and Flexibility

You don’t need to break your habits for IBISS. The systems you are already using can be integrated into one centralized hub for easy access.


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